2021-2023 AAD Equity & Inclusion Strategic Implementation & Action Plan

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What Are We Doing At AAD?

As we work toward increasing the diversity, equity and inclusion capacity at the college, we will use an organizational development approach.  During the initial phases, we will work to build awareness of the conceptual underpinnings and the importance of the work.  Opportunities for learning more will be available for all stakeholders in the college.  Targeted focus on incorporating an equity lens in all decision making and policy processes must follow.  Only then can we expect that stakeholders understand their individual roles and responsibilities in the advancement of this work.



Take a look inside communications and planning for DEI at AAD.  We are a work in progress.  Information will be added as we move forward.

DEI Starting PointsWe have a formal DEI Committee Structure What's next Leadership Information

Bystander Action

Virginia Tech encourages all bystanders to report any instances of discrimination or harassment to the Office for Equity and Accessibility.
You can contact OEA by phone at (540) 231-2010 or by email at: equityandaccess@vt.edu.

Share your event across the university!
Email your notice to:
Alicia P. Cohen, she/her
Director of Diversity Programs
Office for Inclusion and Diversity (OID)

DEI Efforts in the College's Schools




Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Advisory Committee for Students, Staff, and Faculty

The Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I) Advisory Committee for Students, Staff, and Faculty will be a thought-partner to foster open and transparent communication with college senior leadership, working to promote and make progress on strategic priorities related to diversity, equity and inclusion. The committee will promote connections and alignment of needs, priorities and goals of students, staff and faculty across the college, stressing the importance of, and the college’s collective commitment to, this work.

The committee functions in an advisory role to college leadership and will focus their efforts in regard to the following identified areas:

  1. Building DE&I infrastructure – Institutionalizing structures to promote sustainable transformation
  2. Increasing college diversity – Increasing faculty, staff, and student diversity
  3. Building a welcoming environment – Ensuring a welcoming, affirming, safe, and accessible campus climate
  4. Embedding values – Integrating diversity, inclusion and equity values into the academic mission
  • Cecily Rodriguez
  • Kathryn Albright
  • Paul Emmons
  • Rob Jacks
  • Cathryn Copper
  • Paola Zellner Bassett
  • Elif Tural
  • Nate Heavers
  • Abiola Akanmu
  • Josh Iorio
  • Meredith Drum
  • Nate King
  • Theo Lim
  • David Bieri
  • Susan Rosebrough
  • Faith Patton
  • Natalia Smith
  • Brianna Traut
  • Johnson Olayiwola
  • Ninoska Bertran-Turcios
  • Zuleka Woods